New For
The Summer


New For 2014!

Jewellery Creations

Get your creativity flowing as you make your own beautiful and
quality jewellery using twisting and wrapping techniques! We are expanding our arts program again!

Now you can choose from Instructional Arts and Crafts, Woodworking, Pottery and Jewellery Creations!

(Available for Discovery, Venture and Nitro campers)

Stand up Paddleboards

Explore the lake from a new perspective!

Our boating line up has expanded! Now you can choose from canoeing, kayaking and Stand up Paddleboarding!

SUPs combine canoeing and standing. They are easy to balance and are the closest you get to walking on water!

New Mountain Bikes

It's a great time to try out a mountain bike instructional or develop your skills by signing up for Mountain Bike Club! We've purchased Rocky Mountain Vapour 27.5 bikes, with hydrolic disc breaks, Shimano componentry and a Suntour XCM fork.

Find our more information:

Bike rentals are $11.00
Mountain Bike Club costs $55.50
(HST included)

Memory Package

Now there are even more ways to bring summer camp memories home with you! You can purchase a Memory USB full of pictures of the week or a Cabin Picture of your child and their cabin mates. Combine these when you purchase the Memory Package! It contains the Memory USB, the Cabin Picture and an exclusive Medeba Journal!

The Memory Package costs $25 (HST included). Call or email the office for your purchase, or purchase it on Registration Day.

New For 2013!

Aquapark at the Waterfront

Soak, sun or splash in two giant loungers. The Inversible floating islands are 12 feet wide and hold up to eight people at a time. Our aquapark will have one soaker and one platform for twice the fun! Slingshot soaker logs are great for testing your balance and also provide smaller platforms for lounging with friends. The aquapark is our newest community hangout space and will be sure to provide hours of fun and friendship at the waterfront.

Check out these videos:
Inversable Floating Island
Slingshot Soaker Log

Aquapark Layout

Pottery Studio

We're expanding our arts program by adding a new Pottery Studio! Now you can choose from our traditional options of woodworking, fun crafts and Instruction handcrafts as well as sculpt, fire and paint your own take-home pottery project in our new studio. This will be an instructional activity that you will do for one activity period all week.

(this is available to Discovery,
Venture and Nitro campers)

Octaball Courts

Enjoy fast-paced games of dodge ball for 4-30 players in our two new Gaga Ball courts. Gaga ball begins with someone throwing the gaga ball up into the air in the middle of the court. After three bounces the ball is in play and the game starts. Players hit the ball around the court with an open hand and you want to keep it low because you have to be hit below the knees to get someone "out". The goal is to be the last person "out" and claim Gaga Ball victory!

Check out this video!

Challenge your friends to a game during free time!

Dance Studio Tour

Your chance to experience a creative dance class at a local Haliburton Dance Studio with a professional instructor. Learn basic warm-ups and dance steps and have fun with music and props to create a choreography by the end of your tour. Care has been taken to ensure the dance movements, music and environment are appropriate and in line with Medeba's values and standards. Fee: $15.

(this is available as a tour to Discovery, Venture and Nitro campers)

7' Slide - Waterfront

More fun in the sun!
We are placing a new brand new water slide
in the shallow end of our waterfront.


New For 2012!

Summer Ice Climbing

We are installing artificial ice panels on our ice climbing tower. You will be able to experience climbing with ice boots, crampons and ice axes: just like the real thing but without the cold temperatures! This activity will be available for campers in our Discovery, Venture and Nitro programs.

Mountain Biking Pump Track

Bumps, valleys and incline turns are all part of our new pump track. This track is designed in such a way that your momentum from bumps to valleys (pumping) will carry you around the track with no pedalling required.
Mountain bike rentals will also be half price this summer, only $9.50

Another Campfire Area

We are adding another place for you
to hang out with friends.

This will be an intimate campfire area for up to 20 people who can all gather around the fire and share the warmth, great stories and friendship.


New For 2011!

New Ropes Course

We have completed the construction or our new course!

Our re-vamped challenge course will have some of Medeba's classic elements as well as some completely new elements to experience.


  • Total of 15 elements
  • 10 new elements
  • Two person elements
  • Easy assess to elements using our new tower.

It will definitely be a highlight of the summer.
Come back and check it out!

New For 2010!

"Medeba Lanes"

Medeba is going to have four "Carpet Ball" tables in an area called "Medeba Lanes"

It is a great game that can be played by
both kids and adults.

Its a simple game played with pool balls. Each side gets five pool balls to arrange any way you want at your end of the table.

At both ends is a pit area where the balls fall
into when knocked by the cue ball.

You simply take turns throwing/rolling the
cue ball at your opponent's balls knocking
them into the pit. Once all of their balls
have been knocked into their pit area,
you win.

3rd Trampoline

We are adding a third Trampoline to our
tampoline area and will have a
"triad" of tramps!

"The Embers" Campfire Area

We are adding another place for you
to hang out with friends.

The "Embers" will be an intimate campfire area for up to 20 people
who can all gather around the fire and share the warmth, great stories and friendship.


New For 2009!

"The Bluffs" Campfire Area

Click on Picture to see an
enlarged PDF of the area.

Seating for 180 people

Entire cabin groups will fit on one bench
Fully terraced amphitheatre layout

Large raised stage for presentations, drama, skits and plays

Large fire pit

Night lighting on trails and at the campfire area

Electricity available for sound systems, music players video projectors

Located on the bluffs behind the mountain cabins


Waterfront Docks
Stock Photo...

Our swimming docks are 18 summers old. They have seen a lot of splashing and now need to be replaced. We are going to be building new docks for the summer of 2009.

Don't forget your
"swimming trunks"



New For 2008!

Beach Volleyball Court

New beach volleyball court to be built in front of Chalet Building.

Using professional Hutcheson "V" Sand (see below)

New fully height adjustable professional standards and net



Professional Hutcheson "V" Sand - Hutcheson has developed and introduced the Hutcheson “V” sand to the world market, and since 1999 has been the “Official Sand Consultant Company” for the Federation de International Volleyball (F.I.V.B) of Lausanne, Switzerland. Hutcheson has had the privilege of both supplying and consulting on some very high profile venues such as the 2000 Olympic Games Australia, 2004 Athens Olympic Games and most recently the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.


Flat Water Kayaks and Paddles Arriving April 2008 are 15 brand new
Old Town, Dirigo 106 flat water kayaks for the beach. These are sweet boats with the most comfortable seat we have ever seen in a kayak.
It earned Paddler Magazine's Paddler's Picks Award, the revolutionary Dirigo family of recreational kayaks offers unparalleled comfort, control and beauty. Great for the casual paddler out for a little relaxation, fitness and fun.
* Ergonomic Extrasport® XtraComfort™ Seat with on-deck adjustment
* Designed specifically for the recreational paddler
* Dashboard with wallet/cell phone dry hatch
* Open cockpit control panels
* Space Hatch™ and bulkhead
* Stabil-form™ hull design
* Deck bungee


New For 2007!

Double Giant Swing
We have a much larger giant swing, actually two more! That's right we have 2 giant swings. Nestled in beside the ropes course these swings bring the screams.

Vertical Team Challenge
Attached to either side of the outdoor climbing wall are two Vertical Team Challenge Elements.

Disc Golf Course

Get ready to "tee off" with a frisbee (Disc) in hand on Medeba's new 9 Hole - Disc Golf Course. Navigate through the fairways, trees and other hazards to put the disc in the "hole". (see picture beside)

We will also have special discs, some for long distance throwing (driver discs) and different ones for the short throws to the "hole". (putter discs) It's great fun as you keep score and play with friends.

GPS Program

Participate in some satellite guided exploration at Medeba this summer.

Learn how to use a GPS handheld.

We have the eTrex Legend from Garmin to put into the palm of your hand.


New in Summers Past:
Every year we try to improve. This is what we have done in past summers:

Mountain Boarding
Snowboard + skateboard + down hill slope = the ride of your life!


-V5 BRAKE HAND BRAKE (not shown)

Concrete Basketball Court
Half court basket ball court for shooting hoops with friends.

2 - 4 Metre Diameter "SpringFree" Trampolines
This is the biggest SpringFree trampoline, with almost 113 square feet of edge-to-edge jumping surface.

"The Hub"
A brand New building that will be home to our "Leader In Training Program" for 15 - 17 year old
Check out the floor plan
Check out what the building will look like from the outside

New Bows for Archery
New fiberglass and compound bows !

New Air Rifles with red dot sights and scopes for Instructional Level 3 & 4

Community "Web Sites"

Two New Ropes Course Elements

New Camp Store

Four New Summer Cabins
- We completed the final four summer camp cabins.
- Now all campers will be staying in one of the 12 new cabins.

New Dining Hall
It is almost twice as large as our old one.
- It features a beautiful maple hardwood floor with pine trim.
- Click here for pictures.

More Mountain Bike and Hiking Trails
- We added 3.5 km of trails. We now have over 10 km of   roads and trails.

- Old trails have been upgraded.
- Trails are designed for beginners but with lots of options that will challenge the best rider.

New Mountain Bikes
- We purchased an entire new fleet of bikes and keep adding every year.
- Check out the Norco Storm Adventure Series mountain bike.

- It comes complete with V-Brakes and Rock Shox.

New Washroom Facility
- This new facility is approximately four times the size of our old washrooms.
- More showers! We now have twice the number of showers!
- Lots of water!
The new washrooms will include a brand new well that is exclusively for the washrooms.
- Click here for pictures of the new washrooms.

All Cabins are Now Finished Inside
- Over the past several year Medeba has been gradually replacing all of our cabins.

- The girls cabins were winterized in the fall of 2001 and the boys cabins were winterized in the fall of 2002.
- Each winterized cabins includes a beautiful pine interior, wall to wall carpet and ceramic tile in the entrance.
- Click here for pictures of the new cabins.

72.5 Acres of Additional Property
- In 2004 we purchased 72.5 acres of additional property to help protect our wilderness setting.

- This brings the total amount of property to almost 192 acres.
- Plans are in the works to build more roads and trails on this property.

Double Zip line - two 150 Meter Zip Lines:
- you're going to fly!

- Experience the thrill of riding through the air on a zip line!
- Race your friend on the zip line beside you!

Cabins Furnished with Cubbies for Camper Storage
No more living out of your duffle bag.
- Each camper will have a stack of cubbies.
- Each camper will share hang up space between the cubbies.



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