Double Zip Line

In the spring of 2004 Medeba began construction of on new Double Zip Line to replace our old zip line into the pond. We wanted it to be bigger and better so we made it a 700 foot, double zip line. It begins way up the hill behind the pond and goes down the hill, across the pond and almost to the craft building. Wow, is it ever fun!


This is a view looking up (east) at the
launching platform at the top of the hill.

This view continues to look east but from
700 feet away, where the ride ends.

The launching platform

Two riders zoom over the pond on
the double zip line. Note the old zip tower on the other side of the pond. It was removed a few days after this picture was shot.

The ride gently stops by gravity as it goes uphill where it is attached to 50' telephone poles. Then the riders come back to a platform where they are removed.

The smiling face says it all!

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